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Website's Aim

To channel my medical knowledge and long track record as a private investor into a website that will be the ultimate go-to place for knowledge and information about biotech investments and for interacting with a knowledgeable community of biotech investors.
What is my attitude towards investments in other sectors? Well, bio is my area of expertise, and specialized investment is a better way to make money than randomly investing in every stock that comes across your radar. So you, my reader, will benefit more from flexible specialization than from overbroadening your investment scope. Remember, doing your own DD is a must, and nobody can do a good DD on 10 different sectors.

My Investment Philosophy

Hedge with large caps, bet with small caps - 50-50.
Don't buy a stock you don't understand.
Never be shy to take profit.
Love affairs with stocks don't pay.

Track Record and A Promise

Track record: My investment track record for the past year and a half is around 33.7% annualized, and you know 2014-15 is the worst biotech year, ever.

A Promise: I will never accept money and promote a company to my paid subscribers, although banners and other advertisements may be available on this website from time to time, from companies that have paid for them, but are not necessarily endorsed as investments by me.

A Critique of the Competition

Top biotech journalist - Sensationilizes the biotech sector. Takes advantage of his reputation at the expense of retail investors. What this guy does can be summed up in one word: manipulation. He takes down a stock, short rides the wave down, then pulls it back up, long rides the wave up. Who loses? Whose money does he take? Yours.

Top magazine columnist - He is a columnist; he writes about big stocks; what do you care about big stocks? Keep 15% of big dividend stocks in your portfolio and forget about them. The game is in the multibaggers, which is where I come in.

Fiercebiotech – A great source of undiluted biotech information. 1000s of pages of medical jargon and technical information. If you really have time for all that detail, go ahead – if you don’t, just come read my Biotech Digest. It has the same essential information, but in a much more compact form. And it is FREE.

The brokerage reports – some of these are really high quality, although they cost thousands. The best ones only cover large caps. The lesser known ones cover small caps, but they have undeclared conflicts of interest of the following manner: “I will write a bullish note on your floundering company, you take my investment banking service and pay a hefty fee; never mind the Chinese wall.” Of course this sort of arrangement gives them the premise to say that they did not get paid to write the bullish report. Go figure.

Click-baiters – Some online blog platform’s entire business model encourages click baiters. What you get is a paraphrased 10-K filing of a popular biotech. You click on a link to the article, they make a penny. I know, been there, although never really done that – paraphrasing 10Ks, I mean. Sadly, some of them are actually gifted analysts. However, if you read a populist, click-bait article, you gain nothing.

Long baiters – These are people that write short reports on companies. They are supposed to perform a specific function – checks and balances. However, what they do is, they manipulate and scare longs to sell out, short these stocks, and make millions. You should read them to understand the underside of your investment – but you should never panic sell because of them.

The real sources – Then there are the SEC websites, the clinicaltrials website, the patent office, the FDA website, the EMA website, the peer-reviewed publications on Hepatology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Cancer, and the various high-end conferences like ASCO, AASLD, JPM, ASH, ESMO, earnings calls, as well as the PDUFAs and CHMPs.

Who will interpret them for you? That’s where my service comes in.

Last year, I was a completely unknown fellow on SeekingAlpha. Somehow, I got onto SeekingAlpha’s Marketplace system. By the time I was banished from their site for overwriting my pen name onto my own degree in order to protect my identity, I had 400 subscribers between my two services, and ranked top on the Marketplace.

There are some guys who produce a bunch of lightweight articles with a copy pasted company overview, some basic company fundamentals, and analyst ratings. Let me ask you: how do you understand a biotech company from all that?

Then there are some who are stock promoters. I considered hard about being frank or doing a disservice to my readers by telling them all is good with the competition. Frankness won out, because if someone writes a lightweight article on known stock promotions and I tell you that’s fine, then you lose a bunch of money. How do I know these are promotions? – because, being the most popular biotech writer on SeekingAlpha, I had been approached by all these companies, or their cohorts, to promote them.

This isn’t false humility; this is the truth. Sue me or buy me, don’t ignore me for telling the truth.

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