Results from a Phase 1 b trial evaluating Celgene�s $CELG GED-0301 in patients with active Crohn�s disease demonstrated a clinical response rate of 67% and a remission rate of 48%. The data was being presented at the United European Gastroenterology Week in Vienna, Austria. The study involved a total of 63 participants. The enrollment program was called CD-001. Active CD was defined by scores of 220-450 in a scale called Crohn�s disease activity index (CDAI). They were also categorized according to a simple endoscopic score (SES-CD at least seven) or ileal disease (SES-CD at least four). The participants were randomized to receive one of three treatment regimens: four, eight or 12 weeks of once-daily GED-0301 160 mg, followed by an observation period off treatment.