Answers about the content.

Do you focus only on biotech?

How have your stock picks performed?

What is your investment philosophy?

What is your work schedule like?

What stocks do you cover?

What is the target audience for your service?

Do you offer trials?

Do you take money from companies whose stocks you cover?


Membership Levels

What do you offer in the L0 Service?

Do you have to pay a fee to join?

Can I upgrade?

What is the L1 Service?

What is the benefit of L1 service?

Should I go for L1 or L0?

How much is the subscription fee for L1?

What is on offer in the L2 service?

How much does L2 cost?

What is your L3 service?

Tell me more about your portfolio?

I cannot see your portfolio?

Is this the same service as offered on Seeking Alpha?

Why are you offering a discount? Am I getting the same service?

How much does the L3 service cost?

What is the L4 service?

How does the L4 service work?

Do I get the digest in L4?

What is your fee for L4?

How much of the profits will you take?

What if the returns are negative?

When do you refund the fee in case of negative returns?

What if my portfolio generates a negative return but I still want your service?

I don’t have time to check the action summary page regularly. How do we communicate if there is an urgent trade to be made?

What should be the size of my biotech holdings?

How many L4 subscribers do you have and how many do you intend to take?

What is the Custom Report Service?

How much does the custom report cost?

Payment Options

What are the payment options you offer?

I do not have a Paypal account. Can I pay using a credit card?

Can I send a check?

Do you automatically deduct payments for subscriptions?

Cancellation and Refund

How do I cancel my subscription?

What are your refund policies?


How can I contact Dr De?

How can I contact tech support?

Site Usage / Technical

Answers to your site usage and/or technical issues.

I am not able to create a password?

I am not getting your emails or notifications?

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