MEI Pharma $MEIP: Another $CPXX?

After the stupendous success of Celator Pharma $CPXX, there has been a lot of interest in small biotech working in the hematology space. One worry for that approach would have been: does success come to the same space twice? But the good thing is that, CPXX was concentrated on a [...]

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Conviction Buy List Update

ABBV taken of the list. EVOK, CCXI, EXEL, ALNY added to the list Large Cap Growth Stocks In the large cap growth space, I had included AbbVie (ABBV) and Amgen (AMGN). I am removing ABBV from the list following some recent setbacks and also because it has appreciated around 20% [...]

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OncoNova Therapeutics $ONTX Before ASCO

OncoNova Therapeutics $ONTX is a small company in a phase 3 trial for a rare disease and has enrolled at least a few patients in its 225-patient global trial. Lead product candidate Rigosertib is protected by issued patents (earliest expiry in 2026) and has been awarded Orphan Designation for MDS [...]

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$DVAX How Much is HEPLISAV-B Worth?

Dynavax Technologies (DVAX) is currently in my Conviction Buy list, mainly because of the potential of the company’s lead product candidate, HEPLISAV-B. The HEPLISAV-B Story So Far HEPLISAV-B vaccine combines 1018, a proprietary TLR9 agonist adjuvant, and recombinant hep-B surface antigen. The vaccine has shown earlier protection with fewer doses [...]

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Buy Celator Pharmaceuticals $CPXX On $JAZZ Buyout Rumor

Celator Pharma $CPXX, which went up 400% early this year on good results for its drug candidate VYXEOS for treating AML, may be a good buy on rumor that Jazz Pharma $JAZZ may offer to buy it for $1.5bn, almost double its current market cap. Even if the rumor isn’t [...]

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ChemoCentryx $CCXI Report on ANCA-AAV and Valuation

While covering ChemoCentryx ($CCXI) in the last couple years, I focused mainly on CCX168 for aHUS, because the competition with Alexion ($ALXN) appealed to my sense of drama, I guess. However, when I interviewed Dr Thomas Schall, CEO of CCXI early last year, he told me they were also quite [...]

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$MCRB Seres Therapeutics: Interesting Area of Research

What they are saying makes sense, just like the concept of pandorum makes sense in that nice movie, Avatar. Whether that concept can deliver results in the form of disease-curing drug products is the question. Let’s investigate. What they are saying is basically this: It is a well-known fact that [...]

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$ACAD Conviction Buy List Update – April 26, 2016, No Changes

No changes have been made to the Conviction Buy list from last month. The price target on Relypsa (RLYP) is now $48.21, down from $50. The price target on ACADIA Pharmaceuticals (ACAD) has been raised from $60 to $100.41. Relypsa has continued with its wild swings amid fresh takeover rumors. [...]

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$ACAD ACADIA Pharmaceuticals: Valuation Report

ACADIA Pharmaceuticals $ACAD is on my Conviction Buy list and was one of my top biotech picks for 2016. Late last month, the company got a favorable recommendation from the FDA’s Ad Comm for its Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (PDP) drug. The FDA is likely to approve the drug on May [...]

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A Note on $ARGS Argos Therapeutics

Argos Therapeutics’ $ARGS claim to our attention lies almost entirely in its outstanding midstage mRCC trial and the Nobel Laureate behind its platform. On the other hand, there’s extensive competition in the mRCC field; there isn’t much immediate traction in the rest of its pipeline after 17 years of its [...]

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$ICPT Analysis of FDA Briefing Documents

Intercept $ICPT is seeking approval for obeticholic acid (OCA) for the indication of “treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC) in combination with ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) in adults with an inadequate response to UDCA, or as monotherapy in patients unable to tolerate UDCA.” [I will be commenting on the Ad Comm [...]

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$RLYP Relypsa Valuation Report

Relypsa (RLYP) is one of my top biotech picks for 2016 and also on my Conviction Buy List. In late 2015, following Veltassa’s approval, RLYP initially dropped but then rebounded sharply. Some of my subscribers who acted on my call when RLYP was at $11 made a profit of 200% [...]

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$TIG: European Stem Cell Company With A Major Catalyst In The Near-Term

TiGenix: European Stem Cell Company With A Major Catalyst In The Near-Term *** L3 or above subscription required to read this report immediately... Login or Subscribe/Upgrade here TiGenix NV (NYSE Euronext: TIG) is a European stem cell company with an advanced pipeline and one approved product from [...]

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Regulus ($RGLS) Valuation Report

Valuing Regulus Therapeutics ([stock_quote symbol="RGLS" show="symbol" nolink="1"]) is a complex task, mainly because it is difficult to predict how quickly the HCV market would shrink. Gilead’s Sovaldi and Harvoni have completely changed the dynamics of the HCV treatment market. The pace at which Gilead has been treating HCV patients, the [...]

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What to make of the $RGLS data? I am turning green (bullish)

This is the Regulus ([stock_quote symbol="RGLS" show="symbol" nolink="1"]) data: Interim results from Regulus's phase II study RG-101 + Harvoni RG-101 + Olysio RG-101 + Daklinza Overall Patients responding at follow-up week 8 12/12 14/14 11/12 37/38 (97.4%) Patients responding at follow-up week 12 5/5 4/4 5/5 14/14 (100%) 79 patients [...]

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$EDGE: EG-1962 Has Potential

The idea behind Edge Therapeutics’ $EDGE Precisa platform, using the example of its proof-of-concept product EG-1962, goes somewhat like this: Take PLGA, the material that goes into creating dissolvable sutures, available since the 1970s. Make a microparticle ball out of this material, somewhat like a sponge bob. Take nimodipine, the [...]

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MorphoSys ($MPSYF) Investor Report

Investment thesis At first glance, MorphoSys ($MOR.F $MPSYF) looks too good to be true. A company relatively unknown in the US, which hasn’t suffered much from the biotech downturn, and has a portfolio of over 100 monoclonal antibodies and peptides and other molecules in various phases of clinical trial. However, [...]

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Genfit ($GNFTF) Investment Report: Undervalued European Co with Upside Potential

Genfit (EPA: GNFT) (OTC: GNFTF) Investment Report: Undervalued European Co with Upside Potential   French company based in Lille, working in the field of hepatic and metabolic diseases. Its GFT505 or Elafibranor, a dual PPARα/δ agonist, is about to begin phase 3 trial in NASH, a huge  and growing market with [...]

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Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) Investor Report

Synergy Pharmaceuticals (SGYP) Investor Report This is an actual example of the type of investor reports I am writing for my subscribers. , now that I am unfettered by Seeking Alpha's high school essay writing style. Investment thesis: SGYP has two products in advanced pipeline. One, plecanatide, just completed [...]

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Top Biotech Picks For 2016

It has been a challenging year for the biotech sector to say the least. In the first half of 2015, the sector continued what has been a multi-year rally. At the same time thought, there had been concerns about a bubble in the biotech sector. Many saw similarities between the [...]

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