Mylan Might Be Better Off Without Perrigo

Summary Teva withdrew its offer for Mylan earlier this week. Mylan will continue to pursue Perrigo and has called for a special meeting of its shareholders to vote on whether to proceed with the buy. I don't think Mylan should do it; not good for shareholders. Earlier this week, Teva [...]

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Gilead’s Q2 Revenue Crosses $8 Billion, Shares Remain Undervalued

Summary Gilead Sciences reported Q2 results, with total revenue crossing $8 billion. The company beat on both earnings and revenue. Full-year guidance has been raised once again. Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) once again beat revenue and earnings forecast as it delivered strong second-quarter results. As I had noted last month, based [...]

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AbbVie: Viekira Pak Sales Not Likely To Hit $3 Billion Run Rate By Year End

Summary AbbVie reported Q2 results last week, posting lower-than-expected revenue for the quarter. Q2 sales missed estimates as Humira sales fell short of forecasts. AbbVie’s Viekira Pak registered strong sales growth but is likely to miss the target set by the company at the start of this year. AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV), [...]

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Interview With Dr Christopher Missling, CEO Of Anavex

Summary This is my email interview with Dr Missling. This discusses Anavex' patents, the recent trial, the science etc. This should be read in conjunction with my article on Anavex. I interviewed Dr Christopher Missling, CEO of Anavex (NASDAQ:AVXL), a company working in the Alzheimer's and other related fields, and [...]

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Mast Therapeutics: Why Is The Stock Lagging Despite A Decent Drug?

Summary Mast Therapeutics remains on track with its EPIC trial in sickle cell disease. Enrollment surpassed the halfway mark in April. The company expects top-line data from the trial in the first quarter of 2016. Yes the stock is rangebound and can't break out of its $1 coffin. This article [...]

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Novartis Pins Hopes On Entresto And Cosentyx

Summary Novartis this week reported Q2 results. Q2 results were negatively impacted by a stronger dollar and weakness in eyecare business. Both these factors will continue to have an impact on Novartis’s results in the near-term. Entresto and Cosentyx are potential blockbuster drugs and position Novartis well for long-term growth. [...]

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Exelixis: Is It Still A Buy?

Summary Exelixis shares soared on Monday after the company reported positive results from the METEOR trial. Exelixis’s cabozantinib could capture significant share from everolimus. Based on just the potential of cabozantinib in RCC, EXEL has at least 20%-30% upside from current levels. Exelixis (NASDAQ:EXEL) shares surged 50% on Monday after [...]

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Two Interviews With Dr. Brad Thompson, CEO Of Oncolytics

Summary This is the email interview I had on Friday with Oncolytics' CEO, Dr. Brad Thompson, as well as a follow-up telephone interview. The email interview addresses ONCY's research history, marketing timeline, and discusses reovirus. The telephone interview discusses ONCY's future trial plans, dilution and delisting risks, and trial time [...]

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Oncolytics: Killing Cancer With A Virus

Two companies working in viral oncotherapy have late stage drug candidates. Of these, Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN) has a product called T-Vec, which just successfully completed phase 3 trials, has a BLA application in progress, and will probably be in the market within a year. Oncolytics (NASDAQ:ONCY), on the other hand, has [...]

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Market Continues To Underestimate The Potential Of Arrowhead’s ARC-520

Summary ARC-520, Arrowhead’s lead product candidate has tremendous potential. Arrowhead shares continue to struggle. The market’s reaction though is not justified. There is significant unmet need in hepatitis B and as I discussed in detail in an article here, Arrowhead Research's (NASDAQ:ARWR) ARC-520 is one of the most promising drug [...]

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Orphan Drugs Series: Time From ODD To Market Approval

Summary This is the first in a series of articles studying orphan drugs. Here we will explore the time taken from orphan drug designation to approval. This article will give you some idea of when to expect approval for an ODD. Future articles will discuss topics like which disease types [...]

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Gilead’s TAF-Based Drugs Or ViiV-GSK’s Triumeq, Which Is Better?

Summary Triumeq, the ViiV-GSK drug, has won over some HIV market from Gilead's dominance. However, Gilead is working to develop a TAF drug that will have better safety profile than TDFs. Triumeq or TAF, that is the question. In a recent Premarket Biotech Digest, I had said that Gilead (NASDAQ:GILD)recently [...]

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Geron Is Ripe For A Short Squeeze

Summary Short interest in Geron has risen in the last two months. At the same time, short ratio is also very high, making Geron ripe for a short squeeze. A short squeeze could be triggered by an update on Geron’s plans to acquire oncology products. Short interest in Geron Corporation [...]

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Gilead Is Set For Another Strong Quarter

Summary Gilead Sciences will release its second-quarter results in a month from now. Based on weekly prescription data, Gilead looks likely to beat consensus revenue forecast for Q2. Gilead’s Q2 revenue could exceed $8 billion. On April 30th, Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) delivered strong first-quarter results, easily beating consensus forecast as [...]

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Concert Gets $50 Million From Auspex; Remains An Attractive Opportunity

Summary Concert Pharmaceuticals received $50.2 million in payment from Auspex Pharmaceuticals. The payment is part of a patent assignment agreement between Auspex and Concert, and was triggered after Auspex was acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals. The payment has significantly boosted Concert’s cash position. The company can fund operations with its existing [...]

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Does bluebird bio’s SCD Data Affect The Bullish Case For Mast Therapeutics?

Summary Mast Therapeutics is developing its lead product candidate in sickle cell disease. While veploxamer has tremendous potential in sickle cell disease, there is a threat from therapeutic agents that can potentially treat the underlying pathology of sickle cell disease. bluebird bio recently reported positive response in a single sickle [...]

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A Look At The Promising Orthobiologics Landscape

Summary Orthobiologics is a growing subsector of the orthopedic field. A number of big and small players are involved in the space. Medtronic among the big players and Integra among the smaller ones are worth considering. Orthobiologics is a field of orthopedics where biologic material is used in the process [...]

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CTI BioPharma’s Pacritinib Is Attractively Valued

Summary Pacritinib recently presented positive MF data at ASCO. Pacritinib showed improvements in key disease parameters and eliminating need for blood transfusions. At current levels, pacritinib is attractively valued. CTI BioPharma's (NASDAQ:CTIC) shares surged on Monday as investors were excited about the data presented by the company at ASCO over [...]

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Amarin Wins Big Ruling Against The FDA

Summary Amarin filed against the FDA for NCE status. In a summary judgment, a US Court ruled in favor of Amarin. This extends Amarin's exclusivity until July 2017. In an interesting and probably precedent-setting ruling, a US Court ruled in favor of Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN) and against the FDA. The lawsuit [...]

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Celsion’s New Trial: How Does It Differ From The Old One?

Summary In 2013, Celsion failed to reach primary endpoint in the HEAT trial. The OPTIMA trial is rejuvenated HEAT, but with some differences. These differences may be crucial for the success of the trial. Three years ago, during the run up to the results of the HEAT study, Celsion (NASDAQ:CLSN) [...]

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