How to Subscribe:

First, go here - - and select the swing trading option on the top right hand corner. Trial is for 2 months, $40; thereafter, if you wish to continue, it is $1199/yearly. If you subscribe now, but wish to cancel before the annual payment kicks in from April 1, make sure to cancel before April 1. Right now, you only pay $40.

Second, please also email me your phone number with ISD code if you wish to join the whatsapp group and receive trade alerts in real time. I will create the group.

Third, make your payment now, but we start from feb 1, and do the trial until Apr 1.

Fourth, once you subscribe, the trading room will be accessible to you; located here -

Finally, wish everyone a lot of success here. This is going to be intense. Feel free to ask questions, check out the room, send suggestions.




Rule 1: Look for a solid stock

So if you miss a swing, your money is safe.
Rule 2: Avoid stocks with upcoming catalysts

Too volatile for this strategy.
Rule 3: Look for a short-term range

So you make small amounts of money in small amounts of time.
Rule 4: No wide swings

Not high risk.
Rule 5: Swings should repeat 2-3 times

So you can predict the next one.

Starting February, we buy every Monday or Tuesday, we sell every Thursday or Friday

Target 2-4% profit per trade, max $2000 per trade per member

Alerts sent in special chatroom and through whatsapp group
Fees: $20 per month now during the trial

$1199 after.
This works very well for me even in bear markets - give it a shot!

Hands on trading in a group of active investors

To Join, simply email me at and I will send you the details.